The health and fitness industry has become big business for many people.  Often focused on making money and not necessarily getting people results.  It's now commonplace to see clever marketing encouraging unhealthy eating, fad diets, "miracle results" and "quick fixes".


Sorting the good advice from the bad, for many, is an almost impossible task. People are confused and with so much information available it is hard to know where to start.  


It is extremely frustrating for me to see so many motivated people that are ready to work hard and make genuine positive changes fall into the hands of the latest money making scheme only to lose all hope and give up.  Perhaps you yourself have made efforts in the past but not seen the results you were hoping for?  


Throughout my adult life I have been exercising regularly and I live everyday feeling the positive impact it has had on my mental and physical health.  Before getting my diploma in personal training I taught Kung Fu full time and helped to run a very successful school in Bromley.  As much as I enjoyed teaching martial arts my real passion was to help people reach their fitness goals.  


I am now lucky enough to do something that I love each day.  To improve another persons life is about as rewarding as it gets!  I write exercise programmes at my local gym and I also have one to one sessions with my clients there.  Just recently I have also started to help people online through my app, many have found this to be a great tool for reaching their goals.  If you would like to know anything more about how I can help you then please contact me



Darren Brook

Personal Trainer

I Genuinely Love My Job..

Darren Brook Personal Training East Sussex