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The "big Four-O". Let's be honest, it wasn't such a big deal after all.

But - don't you think it's time to think of yourself a bit more?


So I'm guessing that you're here because you've realised that your health may not be where it should be and it's starting to worry you.

Welcome to how a large percentage of us feel as we enter middle age and beyond....


Speaking for myself, I'd led quite a "full" life by the time I hit 40 (not to say hectic, traumatic, drunken etc at times). And whilst it's true that I've always maintained a level of fitness, life hasn't always gone to plan.

At 32 something happened that made me realise my priorities up to then had slowly and comfortably, moved towards doing less and indulging. It wasn't whilst looking in the mirror, or folding over double during a short run or a kick about with mates, (I'd happily reward myself with a beer after that).


It was when I became a dad.

Now I had to do things for my daughter - far more motivating than doing anything for myself and if you've ever pushed a pram up a steep hill you will no doubt understand why I chose to act. 

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So I stopped drinking beer and ate only salad..........................errrrr 


(I absolutely didn't)

It's fair to say that I had the advantage of being a Personal Trainer, so I knew it was time to turn my attention back towards myself. That's what you need to do too.

Ask yourself this.........where do you place yourself when it comes to your priorities list?

Yep, same for me....


Work and family will always be first - but that doesn't mean we can't make time for ourselves. After all, if it means having more energy and being happier in our lives, then its a win for us all isn't it?   


Yes it really is.

Small steps make big differences - for example:

  • I put a little more thought into how I used my time each day

  • I prepped meals so I didn't have to cook every day

  • I arranged my workouts around my diary making it easier to stay on track and stop making excuses.


There was always an excuse not to do it - I needed to remove as many of those excuses as possible

The exact way to do this will be completely subjective. That is why a change in approach is needed.


There are literally thousands of generic diets, workout plans and 'guaranteed' quick fixes available. Most of us have tried one or more with varying degrees of success.


It's invariably the case that the results (if any) are not sustained. The problem will always be that changing things for a period of time doesn't offer a long term solution for the overwhelming majority of us. Why? Because such changes don't fit into yuour normal day to day life and routine.

So let's do things a little smarter.....


We need to look at YOUR lifestyle - your diet, how active you are, health issues or joint problems, how often you drink, socialise etc.

That's our starting point. Everything we do going forward is making small improvements to that starting point - things that we BOTH agree to. Personal Training IS NOT putting people through exercise hell and taking away all of someones enjoyment!

The 40+ Blueprint is a real game changer

I will create a Blueprint with you. This plan will use all of my health and fitness knowledge and focus on fitting it into your lifestyle.


They MUST work together

We will talk regularly and make any adjustments we feel necessary. I will design workouts using exercises you are capable of performing and - most importantly - enjoy.  We will track your progress and I will supply you with progress reports relevant to your goals.

This will be through my App, online, through WhatsApp, email or a combination of these things.

This process will educate and equip you with everything you need to maintain your fitness levels throughout your life without sacrificing what life is about... 


Being consistent, making better choices...and


being happy!