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The cost of good advice....

Last night I put a post out on my facebook page called "£5 A Day".

Recently I've been thinking about why people spend their money on fad diets and fitness crazes as opposed to getting the right help.

The fitness industry is notorious for changing it's mind about things and being full of contradictory advice. It is sometimes very difficult to know what to believe, I get that, really, I do...


There are certain things that are facts. They are universally agreed regardless of how you feel about sugar, or carbs, or fats, or juicing, or fasting, or whatever seems to be the latest thing to argue about -

Exercise IS good for you.

It DOES massively decrease your chances of disease (heart disease, diabetes, etc)

It DOES make you feel better about yourself (raises self esteem, helps with

depression and anxiety)

It DOES give you more energy (start using your body more and it will become more efficient)

It DOES allow you to live a longer and more enjoyable life (see the points above)

Sadly we just don't put ourselves very high up on our own priorities list....

We spend money on things like coffees, snacks, takeaways, chocolate and alcohol but when we look at £5 a day for ourselves it's too much???

If that doesn't seem completely insane to you then re-read the list above. In fact re-read it and put what each of those things is worth to you personally and message it back to me - I would love to see it.

From what I've seen it's because it is not a problem for today, right now. Provided you can get out of bed in the morning and get done what you need to get done for the day then everythings fine.

You're getting by.....

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